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Tel: +11-521-322-181-3031

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Dawn Nichol R.M.T

(Clinic open Tuesday to Saturday)


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Tel: +11-521-322-181-3031

Queen Elizabeth Health Complex,

2100 Marlowe, Suite 541,

Montreal, Quebec, H4A 3L5.

METRO: Vendome (3 min. walk)

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“Dawn’s muscular therapy has been the most effective treatment of all the therapies I have tried over the years. My last injury was career threatening yet thanks to Dawn, I was able to avoid surgery and I’m back at work dancing again.”

Andrea Boardman

Former Principal Dancer, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens

“Dawn is an exceptional healer. Above all she gets results. As a rehearsal director, I have witnessed the success of her deeply intuitive, yet theoretically grounded approach, on other dancers, even those with very stubborn or chronic disorders. Where other therapists offer temporary relief, Dawn works with her clients on a treatment plan towards true healing.”

Pamela Newell

Former Rehearsal Director and Artistic Director on Tour,

Compagnie Marie Chouinard.

“I came to Dawn Nichol over four years ago after I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. The medical opinion was that I would no longer be able to seriously train and perform. This was a depressing diagnosis. With her intervention, advice, exercises and ongoing maintenance I have been able to continue my career with the high level of physicality I enjoy.”

Don Rieder

Former teacher and performer for Cirque Du Soleil.

“Dawn has built up a excellent reputation based on her efficient and effective therapeutic massage. She has a beautiful personality, sensitive, firm and sociable, devoted to her clients ad their well being.”

Tatiana Vera Lescano PHT

Physiotherapist / Osteopath