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In all my years of working EVERYONE

from all walks of life ASK the same

basic questions !

So I wrote a small reference book to

have these answers available to all. Mainly to

take the confusion (internet)  and the fear (pain)

into knowledge that we can easily understand.

This helps us navigate through the field of

physical care, empowers us to take care of

ourselves and be the authority of our own


The only complaint I received was

that I called my book "A Dancer's

Handbook" when actually it is for

everyone. Enjoy !!! 

“Dawn Nichol has fashioned an indispensable handbook for dancers of all ages - or any athlete for that matter!”

Lawrence Rhodes, Director of the Dance Division. The Juilliard School, New York.

“On Your Feet deserves to be on every body-conscious person’s bookshelf. Written in a light-hearted style, this book could benefit anyone of any age, seriously interested in the care of their bodies. Meant to be slipped into a dance bag, the slim volume could just as easily go to the gym since it offers all sorts of tricks on dealing with aches and pains that inevitably accompany activities of all kinds.”

Linde Howe-Beck, Montreal based dance writer and critic. (written in Dance International Magazine, Winter 2008)

“...this book is a gift to all dancers.”

Anik Bissonnette O.C., C.Q.

Table of contents: Professional Athletics; Self-Care; Nutrition; Injury; Common Injuries; Visiting your Doctor/Therapist; Recovery process; Describing Pain effectively.


On Your Feet 

A Dancer’s Handbook for Self-Care


Dawn Nichol R.M.T

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Tel: +11-521-322-181-3031

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