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Dawn Nichol is a registered massage therapist and defines herself as a muscular therapist. A graduate of the reputable Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, the oldest school of its kind in North America, she has studied with leading health professionals, including Ms. M. Kapsos, a physiotherapist and Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy (PDMT) practitioner.

PDMT is a deep cross-fiber massage that follows the lymphatic pathways of the body in order to bring circulation into the deeper tissues. The intention is the actual correction of damage within the muscle that commonly occurs as a result of inflammation, strain, scar tissue, injury and disease. Results are beneficial and long-term.

Ballet and contemporary dancers have comprised, in large part, 25 of the 35 years of her practice. Through her privileged contact with the dance world, she feels she has been fortunate enough to work, learn and collaborate with an amazing group of medical professionals associated with the performing arts. Dancers dedicate their entire careers to perfecting the athleticism inherent in their art form.

Dawn’s commitment to the long-term health of dancers led her to write

On Your Feet; A Dancer's Handbook For Self Care. (more info)

"Dawn Nichol has fashioned an indispensable handbook for dancers of all ages - or any athlete for that matter! "  Lawrence Rhodes, Artistic Director of the Juilliard Dance Division, The Julliard School, New York, USA

Massage therapy is an important aspect of keeping the body finely tuned and assisting the natural healing process when we feel discomfort. It facilitates a faster recovery after intense training/work periods. Manual tissue work can help elongate muscles to prevent injury and maintain proper joint function.


Dawn Nichol R.M.T

(Clinic open Tuesday to Saturday)


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Tel: +11-521-322-181-3031

Queen Elizabeth Health Complex,

2100 Marlowe, Suite 541,

Montreal, Quebec, H4A 3L5.

METRO: Vendome (3 min. walk)

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"I have known Dawn as a massage therapist for 20 years. Her reputation is deservedly the highest in Montreal."

Dr. Perle Feldman, MD, Associate Professor of Family Medicine at University of Toronto.